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Expert Representation

at the Administrative Law Judge level

for individuals


Social Security Disability / SSI Claim has been denied.


Continuous & Friendly

Response to all

your phone calls.

Ron Ladd and Associates, LLC

What We Offer

Free Consultation


We file all the government forms and papers

for each client.


We will deal with the government for you, relieving you of that burden.


Our firm provides complete Confidentiality … Your Disability claim is no one’s business, but Yours.


Strict adherence to federal privacy regulations (HIPAA) is followed by all of our staff.

Services offered in Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Western Illinois, & Tennessee.


When you contact Ron Ladd and Associates, LLC. • Legal Disability Representatives we will send to you … at No Cost … information which will help you file your Initial Disability Claim  with the Social Security Administration